Privacy Policy

Who we are

AscentPal is a mobile application developed and published by APPFORTE SRL.

How does Ascent Pal use your data

We hope you won’t miss a long list of definition and other legal text. The privacy related issues of the app will be described in plain English.

We use social login to save you from another registration and password. You can signup and login the app with Facebook, Google and Apple accounts. When you use any of these accounts, the app receives an ID (Facebook/Google/Apple) that is saved to the database and linked to your in-app ID. Nothing else is done with the account ID, it’s not used or not shared in any way. Neither are the account ID-s linked among them. Say, your Facebook account ID is not linked to your Google or Apple account ID.

When you register to an event, we will ask you certain personal data (name, phone, email, birthdate). This data is saved and shared with the event organizers. They need this to identify you in the real life and keep in touch with you somehow. It’s up to you what data provide here.

The app uses the camera of your phone to scan the QR codes. If the QR code contains the id of a route, the route details are loaded from the database. Nothing else is saved, neither sent to anywhere.

How to get your data deleted

Currently we store the following data. This is your profile:
– Goole/Apple/Facebook ID, depending on what login you used. This is a number, received from the authentication service.
– The name, phone number, email and birthdate you provided when you last time registered to an event.

If you want this profile to be deleted completely from the database, please send us a mail to Alternatively you can use the form on the Contact page. ALL THE DATA LISTED ABOVE WILL BE DELETED: ID, name, phone number, email and birthdate.

In the future versions this feature will be available directly from the app.